External and Internal

The following documents have been authored by SFO personnel. Documents that are available fall into two classes; External that are published in various journals etc and Internal which are held closely by SFO but may be released if requested. If you wish to see these documents please contact the company CFO.

Documents published by SFO personnel in various journals etc are available at this site. Other documents may be purchased as required.

Additionally, we maintain a library of our own internal documents as well as an extensive library of Papers and articles from other organizations such as NASA, ESA, FAA, AIAA, SAE etc. Our Library is no longer open but all requests will be answered. Please contact our CFO for availability and hard copy pricing.

Please note that the entire set of Proceedings of the Space Congress is now housed at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. They may be found at the following URL:

External Publications

Communications and Data in the Space Environment.pdf
Author: George R. Tyson
Paper prepared for and accepted by the ASCEND Conference in 2021. Withdrawn for reasons incompatible with SFO’s Non-profit status. Paper discussing the problems of long distance reliable communications of all types within the Solar System.

Exploration vs Settlement in Space.pdf
Author: Andrew W. V. Clark
March2020 A short essay that compares and contrasts Exploration versus Settlement in Space and the varyimg requirements thus generated.

Economic Imperative of Space Exploration and Settlement.pdf
March 2020 Author: George R. Tyson
A paper exploring the economic drivers for exploring and settling space and the manufacturing and trade possibilities that are opened up by such exploration and settlement.

Time to Re-Think Space Access.pdf
Author: Andrew W. V. Clark
Published in the Proceedings of the 2007 Space Visions Congress held in Cocoa, FL 27th. April 2007.
This paper explores some of the requirements and ramifications of constructing large spacecraft in LEO

Generation of a Launch Infrastructure that Supports the Commercial Use of the Space Environment.pdf
Author: Andrew W. V. Clark
Published in the Proceedings of the 41st. Space Congress held in Cocoa Beach, FL April to May 2003.
This paper explores the establishment of a Launch Base and its associated infrastructure to support a major space exploration and use program.

A Commercial Approach to using TCP-IP in Range Operations.pdf
Author: Richard Prickett.
Published in the Proceedings of the 41st. Space Congress held in Cocoa Beach, FL April to May 2003.

A New “Old Way” to Space: Taking the Best from the Past to Forge Ahead Into the Future (PDF)
Author: George R. Tyson
Published in the proceedings of the 39th Space Congress, Cocoa Beach, FL April 29 – May 3, 2002.
This paper shows how parts of the SEP are very similar to past plans of Herman Potocnik, Wernher von Braun and NASA.
Authors Note: Due to continued work on the concept Some of the dimensions for the SEB and HLV changed between the writing of the paper and the presentation at Space Congress. Refer to the presentation for the latest figures.

Innovative Financing of a Large Space Project (PDF)
Authors: George R. Tyson and Andrew W. V. Clark.
Published in the proceedings of the 38th Space Congress, Cocoa Beach, FL May 1 – 3, 2001.
This paper describes the way in which the SEP fits into the standard protocols used by the finance industry including the use of complementary companies.

Exploring Exploring and Using the Space Environment. A Different Approach (PDF)
Author: Andrew W. V. Clark.
Published in the proceedings of the 37th. Space Congress, Cocoa Beach, FL May 1 – 5, 2000.
This paper describes some of the concerns that Space Frontier Operations, Inc. (SFO), has about space exploration and describes some of the initial results of studies being undertaken at SFO to further the exploration of space. It also lays out SFO’s Space Exploration Plan (SEP).

Green fields, Black Sky: Logistics Considerations for a Large New Space Program
Author: Andrew W. V. Clark.
A paper presented to the Florida Log Conference in 2000 in Orlando, FL. which was a precursor to the Paper presented at Space Congress in 2001.

Internal Documents

Available by request

  • Proposed Architecture for the Exploration and Settlement of Space
  • Twenty Years of Achievement
  • Rumbles from the Woodshed – Conclusions
  • Reasons for not Locating a Launch Base in the USA
  • Quick Reaction Aircraft
  • Comparison of the Proposed ISS with Skylab
  • Possibilities For The Development of a New and Potentially Significant Launch System
  • Evaluation of a Request to De-Scope the SEP
  • After the SEP
  • Technical Note on HLV and MV System Design
  • A Progress Report on the SFO Space Exploration Plan
  • A Compendium of Mission, Technical and Systems Design Data for the SEP
  • Preliminary SB Traffic Model
  • Zero Base Budget for Initial (Start-Up) Phase of the SEP.
  • Challenges to Permanent Space Occupancy
  • SFO Response to the TR Proposal