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DOD Mil Standards

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MIL-STD-1553B Aircraft Internal Time Division Command/Response Multiplex Data Bus  
MIL-STD-1773 Fiber Optics Mechanization of an Aircraft Internal Time Division Command/Response Multiplex data Bus  
MIL-STD-1472D Human Engineering Design Criteria for Military Systems, Equipment and Facilities  
MIL-STD-1522A Standard General Requirements for Safe Design and Operation of Pressurized Missile and Space Systems  
MIL-STD-1540C Test Requirements for Launch, Upper Stage, and Space Vehicles  
MIL-STD-1542B Electromagnetic Compatibility and Grounding Requirements for Space Systems Facilities  
MIL-STD-1546B Poarts, Materials and Processes Control Program for Space and Launch Vehicles  
MIL-STD-1629 Procedures for Performing a Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis  
MIL-STD-348 RaDIO Frequency Connector Interfaces for MIL-C-3643, MIL-C-3650, MIL-C-3655, MIL-C-25516, MIL-C-39012, MIL-C-49142, MIL-A-55339, and MIL-C-83517  
MIL-STD-461D Requirements for the Control of Electromagnetic Interference Emissions and Susceptibility  
MIL-STD-462D Measurement of Electromagnetic Interference Characteristics  
MIL-STD-882C System Safety Program requirements  

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