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The SFO Library contains all the external references and papers that have been collected in the nearly twenty years of SFO's existance.

The only documents available for immediate download are those that SFO has directly published at conferences and meetings. These are contained in the page SFO Publications. Certain other popular documents from NASA are also available for download. They are contained in the NASA Publications page, while material frequently requested by SFO Members can be found under the "Quick Links" button.

Latest versions of NASA documents are generally avaiable from the NASA Technical Reports Servers. All other documents are to be considered to be available for internal SFO use and many are also subject to copyright restrictions.

Copies of these documents can be made available for individual one-time use but this will require that you contact . If paper copies are required we reserve the right to defray our copy and mailing costs.

A list of links to some of these documents is given at the end of this page.

Some documents in these lists have no specific document number assigned by the originating organization. In order for our database to work efficiently SFO has assigned document numbers and these should be used when requesting information from us. These numbers are pre-fixed by the letters "SFL" followed by six digits.

This library is dynamic, it will be updated approximately four times a year.

If you have any comments or find any mistakes please do not hesitate to .

Donations of papers and books etc are always welcome. If you have anything you wish to contribute .


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