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Space Frontier Operations, Inc. (SFO) is a technology company in the aerospace business. As such, it performs whatever R&D work is pertinent to its existing interests and contracts.

Much of that work is not for public consumption for a variety of reasons, but we will endeavour to put general information about our projects here on this page.

Information will be made available as and when we are able to make public presentations. Papers that are formally published are placed in the Library Section of this site.

This page will also house a repository of publicly available scientific and engineering data, some arcane and some relatively basic but necessary.

Information on this site is made available in several forms:

  1. White Papers; describing relatively mature ideas and techniques etc.

  2. Consultative Papers that attempt to evaluate ideas prior to the investment of a lot of resources.

  3. Technical Notes and Reports which describe specific techniques and tools etc.

This page will be updated quite frequently in the next few months. If you would like us to include any specific data please send an e-mail to .

When we have enough data we are planning to make it available on CD for a nominal sum to cover the cost of Shipping and Handling.

Space Frontier Operations, Inc. in a "Not for Profit" Florida corporation.
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