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Space Frontier Operations, Inc. (SFO) is a Not-for-Profit Florida Corporation that was initially established in 1992 and incorporated in February of 1994.

We operate in the space exploration and development sector, developing ideas and systems for use both on the surface and in space. Our primary interests are in Propulsion, Flight Vehicles and the development of long-term survival techniques for deep space exploration. We construct prototype and development hardware in these fields.

As a Not-for-Profit Corporation we are specifically prohibited by law from political activity, we may not lobby nor may we contribute to Political Action Committees.

We do have a member base and we do also have educational aims for that membership. Any individual interested in furthering their knowledge of space and its technologies is welcome to join. From time to time the Board of Directors may set an Annual Subscription (Dues).

Space Frontier Operations, Inc. in a "Not for Profit" Florida corporation.
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