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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for Space Frontier Operations, Inc is comprised of men and women who have helped SFO through the last few tumultuous years. The table below shows the current Directors and their areas of interest.

Name Role Function(s) Contact
all addresses ""
Andy Clark Chairman & CEO Engineering & Program Management a.clark@...
Tim Cash Director Engineering & Physics - Opto-electronics, RFID and IED capabilities
Richard Prickett Director Engineering & Physics Optics, Lasers and computing capabilities r.prickett@...
Robert Osband Treasurer & Director Image, Branding & Media Relations r.osband@...
Laura Randle CFO & Director Business Office Bids and Proposals, General Administration l.randle@...
Charles Denman Director Emeritus Advisor  
Vacancy Secretary & Director Corporate Legal etc.  

Space Frontier Operations, Inc. in a "Not for Profit" Florida corporation.
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