Current Projects

What we are doing now

We are finally completing the re-structuring of the corporation in order to serve customers more efficiently. We have divided the company along functional lines that directly mirror the Areas of Interest in the previous section "About Us".

All members of the team take control of one or more areas of interest in terms of marketing and business development as determined by the Board of Directors.


The projects that SFO is currently investigating are:

  1. A Modularized Emergency/"Off Grid" Energy System.

  2. Radio Frequency Screening with modern materials.

  3. Options for the use of Nuclear Power in Space.

All of these projects have come about because of the realization that we are technologically incompetent when it comes to the serious settlement of space, either in Low Earth Orbit, on the Moon or Mars. At the current moment in time we do not have the wherewithal to support large numbers of people living and working in these new environments.

These projects have been chosen because they are part of a baseline of data both biological and technological that it is necessary to develop before we start building systems. Hopefully they will all allow us to ask the right questions when it becomes necessary to build these exploration systems.

In the case of the Modularized Energy System we are looking at integrating several forms of renewable energy sources into a modular system that can be expanded as required. The important characteristic is that all these components be packaged in such a way that they can be easily transported without requiring vehicles.This project is in the early stages of construction and should be complete within twelve months with the first prototype components coming on-line by the end of Summer 2017.

It is anticipated that technical data and photographs will be available here as the work progresses.

The Radio Frequency Interference suppression project is a study of the newer materials and techniques that may be used to shield equipment and personnel against such interference and general radiation threats while also providing the wherewithal to prevent radiation from escaping through conduction and by re-radiation. This study should result in a major Paper on shielding.

The same is true of the study into the Options for the use of Nuclear Power in Space, although this is really only a thought experiment at the moment.